“Everyone knows that to lose weight you must eat less calories than you’re going to spend” Pilates certified teacher in Hawaii, Suzanne Deason says.


Suzanne grew between diets, due to the desire of his mother and grandmother for diets. They used to slim down and then got back to gaining weight. From a young age, Suzanne went in search of a more effective method to stay at an ideal body weight.

Pilates helps you slim down and be fit

Pilates met her expectations. In her DVD “Pilates For Weight Loss”, Suzanne Deason says explains how to lose weight naturally through a slimming exercise program: “Pilates helps us connect with our innate ability to lead a balanced life and to achieve our goals.”

Pilates is good because:

  1. Resets the connection between your body and your mind
  2. Tone your body
  3. You can reach inner peace with breathing

So you must try it out. Pilates helps you lose weight, stay fit and improves your whole well-being!

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