Today I want to share some ideas for a happy life. The first step is to think positive and the second and not less important to be grateful and learn how to say thanks.

Our environment is everything (not just nature). Connect with people of all faiths and discover how wonderful it is inside each person. Be clear about who you are, what matters to others and what you want in your life. On these three pillars, you’ll build lasting relationships. Be genuine, be no other like you in this world!

Some tips that can be applied with a slight change in the way you see things bring a different impetus to your life

Rules for a happy life you need to practice

  • Have goodwill
  • Talk to your family, friends and acquaintances
  • Call people by name (and establish strong ties)
  • Be a connecting factor never setting apart one.
  • Embrace persistence.

You yourself can create your own rules for a happy life.Share them on social networks using the tag #YellowMonday!

Enjoy this infographic that surely will make you think. Happy Monday!

Happy life