I’m sure you’ve ever heard that having sex burns a lot of calories that can be compared to when you do exercise. Is it true that having sex burns calories like the gym?

Universities of Quebec and Montreal conducted studies to find out how many calories are burned during sex, and about whether it can replace your spinning class. You’d be surprised to know the results! According to the New England Journal study (Quebec) a sexual act lasts an average of 6 minutes (So little time!) And only burn 21 calories.

But if you have sex for 30 minutes you will burn 85 to 100 calories. Apparently few calories for physical activity that leaves us dead tired. If you need to compare, walking at an average pace for an hour you can burn up to 300 calories.So you can judge for yourself!

So if you ever want to get fit you must replace the gym for sex.

Having sex burns calories like the gym?

If you want to burn some more calories under the covers you can follow these tips and increase the burning of calories during sex:

  1. Have sex before breakfast (before 8:00 am) the man’s testosterone level it’s very busy so he will have more energy and would be like your running session in the morning.
  2. Try postures that make you spend more calories. Get ideas from yoga, which classes can make you burn more than 200 calories.
  3. Also uses sex to tone while you innovate in bed, this will make different muscles in your body into action. Sex is excellent for strengthening the pelvic area! (that is, abs)

Finally, linking sport your daily routines with your sexual moments. It is proven that people who play sports can reach orgasms faster than sedentary. Then the gym + sex is the perfect formula. Now you know, sex burns calories!