Most people migh take it for granted, but recycling paper is one of the most beneficial things we can do for our environment, today I want to show you a ver innovative way to recycle paper.

On many cities there are free newspapers dispensers that allow the dissemination of news. Can you imagine a container with an LED display but to recycle paper? Green Technology or Green Tech is here to stay and this is a simple example of how to combine technological innovation with environmental care .

A technological and innovative way to recycle paper

In London, there are the ” Techno-pods ” or “green cubes” that are similar to newspaper dispensers, but equipped with low-energy LED screens which broadcasts news of all kinds: financial, political, economic, entertainment, commercial…these containers are designed to hold the role of the free press, recycling half-ton daily paper. Imagine how much paper can be recycled in a work week!

Throughout Square Mile are arranged 100 such green cubes, devised by the company Renew. LED screens, although they are very showy, use technology “adaptive brightness”, which reduces energy consumption by 40%.

The next step: expand the “Techno -pods” at airports, railway terminals and buses with WIFI connectivity options through these containers.

Technology to save our environment!

With information from Green Wise