Have you ever heard of the dry eye condition? Today I’ll tell you all about it and how you can relieve it naturally.

This condition due to vitamin A deficiency is rare in the United States but is more common in countries with fewer resources, especially in children.

Ointments containing vitamin A can help the dry eye  if it is caused by unusual conditions such as Stevens-Johnson syndrome or pemphigoid. Vitamin supplements do not appear to help people with ordinary dry eye.

If the dry eye condition is bothersome, talk to your eye doctor and discuss your options for relief.

According to Ojos Sanos.com, there are eyes drops without preservatives for those who are sensitive to the preservatives that normally come in artificial tears. If you need to use artificial tears more than two hours, preservative-free brands may be better for you.

Artificial tears can be used as often as required, one to two times per day, or several times per hour.

So, now you know what the dry eye condition is and if you or someone you know suffers from it, you can also get some natural relief, always choose natural over chemichals and others.