Have you ever heard about the theta brainwaves? It is a brain frequency which happens when we are about to sleep and the moment we wake up; this brainwave is the one that creates and changes reality in an instant. When our brain goes into theta state we enter into deep meditation, just like REM sleep. Theta music can help you reach this state!

There are 5 main frequency brainwaves beta, alpha, theta, delta y gamma. They are in constant activity and the brain produces different kinds of waves depending on the frequency.

  • Beta keeps you alert and aware
  • Alpha is a state of deep relaxation and meditation (is the bridge between beta and theta)
  • Theta is the deepest relaxation state, it is used in hypnosis and REM sleep. Theta waves are believed to be the ones that create due to their inspirational and spiritual characteristics. It is the subconsciousness realm.
  • Delta is the learning state and the one we use to process information. It is the wave used when your phone rings and you just know who is calling.
  • Gamma is related with the superior brain activities, meaning perception and conciousness.

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Much has been said about the music theta or theta waves to help the body to enter a phase of deep relaxation. Several studies have proven that brainwave frequencies Alpha and Theta can: 

  • Ease stress and reduce anxiety
  • Deeply relax body and mind
  • Increase verbal capacity, intellectual reasoning  and brain’s creative sync.
  • Improves memory
  • Stimulates the creation of endorphins that cause euphoria and reduce physical pain.

Meditate with Theta music! Here I share a video with this type of music in theta frequency for you to reach the deepest state of relaxation!