I’m on the Internet, reading and looking for things to share with you all . Today is health Wednesday, and I want to change the focus a little bit, sharing many curiosities, this time, about body odors.

In the human body there are approximately 50 000 sweat glands, which produce about 1 liter of sweat every day, which expel harmful toxins to our body. The feet and armpits are not oblivious to this reality, and are some of the areas of the body that frequently have strong odors. The Kids, don’t generate any odor, and not required to use deodorant!

Our body odor is unique, no one will smell like us, is like a fingerprint and depends on factors such as diet and chemical processes taking place in the body. The aroma of each individual is a reflection of what you eat and is reflected in the sweat.

Interestingly, a study by scientists from the Netherlands has found that odors are part of communication with our neighbors and allow emotional synchronization thanks to chemicals in the sweat.