The most important makeup artists use this tips to apply blush, and leave their models perfect. If you’re a makeup fan, today I share 6 important tips to look incredible!

Blush is essential in our makeup repertoire, it makes our features stand out, it gives us a natural feminine touch, and it goes perfect with our routine.

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Fresh your look up, follow these important tips to apply blush like a pro.

  1. First the eyes, then the blush: By that you will know the intensity of the blush and the color you are going to use.
  2. Choose colors that match your skin: If you have a pale skin, get light rose, for darker skins dark red works. Tanned skin? Get peach colors or some dark rose.
  3. Use what you need: the idea is to make you look young and healthy. You are looking for a natural blush tone, not to look like a doll with red and rose cheeks.
  4. In cream, matte or gel?: it depends on you and on what you are going to do that day. For dry skin it is recommended blush in cream; for oily skins it is recommended matte, if you combine it with gel is the perfect option to make it last for a while.
  5. Apply it correctly: smile to emphasize where the blush will be applied. In the center of your cheeks, there are “apples” that you need to emphasize and disseminate. Disseminate properly so it seems natural
  6. The perfect combination: Help yourself with makeup, wear the appropriate base according to you skin color that will make you have a homogen coverage. Then add the translucent powder to make you blush last for the whole day!