Girls like to have beautiful hands whether with long or short nails, but healthy and well taken care of! If you’re one of those who love having beautiful and strong nails, I’m sure you’ve tried any home remedy to grow your nails and you probably still looking for that perfect tip, well, I got good news, these supplements are for you!

As nails are made of keratin proteins, let’s understand that everything in our body comes from what we eat. First of all check your eating habits and include in your diet foods that contain any of the vitamins and minerals that I’ll mention to you, also, under medical supervision consume some capsules or pills:

  • Vitamin H or Biotin deficiency can cause poor and brittle nails, especially after illness or when taking many medications.
  • Vitamin C helps our body in the manufacture of collagen, the lack of it slows down the nail growth process.
  • Iron: this mineral is responsible for producing cells in our body and its deficiency can cause concave and brittle nails.
  • Zinc works with the growth and development of the nails.
  • Calcium: although its use is more related to bones, nails also need to be strengthened.
  • Silicon: gives firmness and strength to nails.
  • Omega 3 fatty acids: Gives them brightness and flexibility.
  • Other supplements: You can also include Vitamin A, B and D.