Has it ever happened to you that out of a sudden one of your eyes starts to shake? These spasm are known as “tics” and they could be caused by health problems. Read more to know why your eyelids shake!

These contractions in the eye can be either in the lower or the upper eyelid, they appear unexpectedly and they disappear in the same way they started, though in some cases they could go on for weeks.

What is the cause for these spasms? It could be the following:

  • You are constantly exposed to bright lights (it can be artificial like the one of the cellphone, laptop or tablet
  • You drink alcohol or caffeine in excess
  • You are tired or stressed.
  • Smoke tobacco
  • You are constantly exposed to strong winds or air conditioning which dry your eyes.

The spasms normally disappear in a while, the sensation isn’t painful but could be annoying. And actually this is perfectly normal. You do already know the causes for these sporadic spasms.

Well then, if the tic lasts for several weeks you might be suffering some sort of brain disorder, like facial paralysis, Parkinson, Tourette syndrome, etc. If it goes on, go to the doctor.