Did you know that aloe vera regulates the level sugar in your blood? Aloe vera can be used as a natural remedy to control diabetes.

The active ingredient of aloe vera is called emodin and reduces blood glucose levels, it also contains chromium which favors the passage of glucose into cells, glucomannan which controls the absorption of sugar in the diet and causes the body to absorb fructose slowly avoiding hyperglycemia.

In a nutshell, aloe vera is the natural way to naturally control blood glucose, specially for people with diabetes type 2. since  they won’t need insulin before each meal. But you must know that aloe vera juice cannot be blithely consumed, it requires an adaptation process that begins with a teaspoon of tea daily and the you gradually increase it, because it can have undesirable side effects. Thus, the person will raise their tolerance levels to take 2 doses of 5 ml daily constantly and uninterrupted.

This natural treatment will prevent conditions brought about by this disease and will provide vitamin C and antioxidants that will ensure a positive evolution in the quality of life of those who suffer from this disease.


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