go green to save energy and save moneyQué importante es que nos vayamos haciendo conciencia de usar tecnologías verdes en nuestros hogares. No solo nos ayudan a ahorrar dinero sino también a cuidar de nuestro medio ambiente.

Hoy es nuestro #GreenThursday y como cada jueves quiero animarte a que conozcas más acerca de todo lo que tiene que ver con lo verde, ecología, estilo de vida verde, en fin, todo para ser verde!

Encontré esta infografía en www.expoknews.com y me pareció muy interesante los tips que se mencionan para tener un hogar verde.

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Un Hogar Verde [Infografía]

Una casa verde si es posible, no es necesario que lo hagas todo de una vez, pero son esos pequeños pasos que comenzarán a hacer la diferencia!

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A Green Home

How important it is that we can get more concious about using green technologies at home. This will not only saves us a lot of money but also help us in caring for our environment.
A Green Home - Natural - Organic - Latina
Today is #GreenThursday, and as each thursday I’d like to encourage you to know more about all regarding green, eco-friendly, green lifestyle, and everything to be green!

Here I share some interesting tips I found on the infographic above so you can start having a geener home.

  1. Solar Panels: They produce energy through solar light. They must be installed on the roof, walls or in a yard. The energy we get from them can be use for the house appliances.
  2. Solar Heater: Saves up to 80% in gas consumption.
  3. Energy Saving Lightbulbs: Saves up to 50% in electrical energy consumption since they only use a quater of this energy.
  4. Aerator for the Shower: Saves up to 60% of water.
  5. Thermal Mass Stove: It’s about a stove that after one hour of burning wood it takes all that heat and reuses it to heat up an entire house during a day.
  6. Dry Toilet: Its principle is to recycle all the yucky stuff with sawdust. This compound can be used in gardening and the smell gets eliminated easier and more efficient than with tradicional toilets and without the need of spending any water avoiding contamination of our environment.
  7. Rainwater Collector: Saves up to 40% in consumption, connect it to a recipient and then to the shower, wc and washer.

These are some steps we can take to have a green home, I know it may be hard to do it all at once, but little by little you can start making a big difference.

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Source: expoknews.com