La comida es algo que no podemos obviar día a día, por ello debemos cuidar lo que comemos, hoy te presento un listo de comidas saludables que Forbes ha catalogado como Los 10 Alimentos Más Saludables.

Veamos cuales son:

Los 10 Alimentos Más Saludables, Según Forbes¿Cual de estos están incluidos en tu dieta? Déjanos un comentario aquí o en facebook y cuéntanos. Sígueme en twitter como @lauratermini

Top 10 Healthiest Food According To Forbes

Food is something we can’t forget about on our daily basis, this is why we have to watch for what we eat.
Today I show you a list of healthy foods that Forbes has ranked as Top 10 Healthiest Food.

Top 10 Healthiest Food According To Forbes

Let’s see them all:

  1. Red Fruits: Rich in potasium and antioxidants.
  2. Beans: Rich in Proteins and Fiber
  3. Dried fruits/Nuts: Good for our heart
  4. Salmon: Source of Omega-3
  5. Raw Milk: Has probiotics
  6. Pasture animals meat: Low fat and good to prevent high cholesterol
  7. Eggs: Antioxidant and rich in vitamins
  8. Green Vegetables: More calcium, iron and proteins than meat.
  9. Apples: Lots of fiber and vitamin C
  10. Onions and Garlic: Antiinflamatories and antiinfective.

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