Moxibustion or Moxicombustion is one of the main methods to tone that energy. Can be defined as the combustion of the moxa in order to produce heat.

Traditional Chinese medicine to cure diseases seeks to restore the balance of the different energies that run through the human body. The application of heat in these areas strengthens the channels and solve its energy deficit.

What is Moxa?

The Moxa is made from a plant called Artemis … Also with Sisim plant leaves or St. John’s wort. They should be dry and crumbled. These herbs are crushed and forming paper wound on a cigar, which produces heat between 500 and 600 degrees.

Have you heard about the Kreaton? 

Have you ever heard about moxibustion?

There are two types of techniques that may be used in this treatment.

  • Direct Moxibustion: involves putting on the acupuncture point, a cone of moxa the size of a grain. This is ignited by the therapist and placed on the patient’s skin and is removed before it can burn. You experience a comfortable feeling of warmth that penetrates deep into the skin.
  • Indirect moxibustion: These acupoints heat from a distance. One way to do this is one of the burning moxa cones on the head of an acupuncture needle inserted at certain points, so the heat is transmitted through it.