When I read about it, I knew more or less about what area it was talking about, but I had no idea of the importance of this set of organs in women’s health.


The pelvic floor is the set of muscles and ligaments that “hold” the pelvic organs (bladder and urethra, uterus and vagina, and rectum) in position to work properly.

What are the causes that weaken the pelvic floor?

  • Pregnancy: because of the weight of the uterus
  • Delivery: as the baby passes through the vagina
  • Postpartum: abdominal exercise or perform jumps early, play sports or carry weights.
  • Sports: especially those of “hops” and “impact”
  • Menopause: by hormonal changes, as they cause loss of flexibility and atrophy and hypotonia.
  • Inheritance: two out of ten women have innate weakness in the pelvic floor muscles.
  • Daily habits: to hold urine, wear tight clothes, practice singing, playing wind instruments.
  • Other causes: obesity, constipation, chronic cough, stress, and others.

That is our everything.

Exercises to improve the health of the Pelvic Floor.

1. Pilates: In addition to improving overall body posture, Pilates balances the muscles around the lumbopelvic region, among which are the abdominal and pelvic floor,  those involved in the stability of the body, in securing bodies and, therefore, the urine continence.

2. Dr. Kegel:

2.1 The slow one
Squeeze the muscles as you did when you tried to stop urinating, throwing up.Contráelos and keep a count of 5 and breathing softly.

Then relax them for 5 seconds, and repeat the series 10 times.

Try to gradually increase the time of contraction and relaxation. Start with 5 seconds in each case to reach 20. Get longer withstand the contraction of muscles, the stronger they will.

2.2 The fast
Tighten and relax the muscles as fast as you can until you get tired or within about 2 or 3 minutes (whichever comes first). Start with 10 repetitions four times a day to reach 50 repetitions daily.

3. The elevator
This exercise requires some concentration, but the results are very good. Your vagina is a muscular tube with the ring-shaped sections arranged one above another. Imagine that each section is a different plant of a building, and raise and lower an elevator stressing each section.

Start up the elevator to the first floor gently, suck it up for a second, and rises to the second floor. Continues to rise as many plants as possible (usually no more than five).

To download, hold also a second on each floor. When you get down, try going to the basement, pushing down the pelvic muscles for a few seconds (as if you were in labor).

Finally, try to relax the muscles completely for a few seconds. Above all, do not forget to breathe slowly and not do the exercise with the help of abdominal muscles.

4. The waveform
Some pelvic floor muscles are arranged in the form of an eight, but with three rings. A ring is placed around the urethra, another around the vagina, and the last around the anus. Contract these muscles from front to back and relax back and forth.

Do these exercises as often as possible each day. The aim is to carry them out without being noticed. When you start to do them, may seem uncomfortable and strange, but soon you will see that you carry them out without others noticing.

At first, practice the exercise slowly, you may notice that the muscles do not want to stay contracted. You may also get tired quickly with the fast. But if you persevere, you’ll see in a few days do not involve any effort.