Gosh! That’s a super-tough question for me. First of all, because to tell you the truth, I’m not too good at combing my hair.  So I’m always looking for tips, taking classes and sharing here with all of you.

Second I don’t want a brush made with any animals sacrifice. Then, getting one I like and  that I find it useful, is a tough job.

What’s the best brush for your hair?

Brushes are very important to keep a healthy scalp since brush strokes stimulate blood circulation, helping to renew nutrients in the root and the removal of dead cells.

  1. Use brushes with long plastic bristles for a good long hair brushing.
  2. For short hair, it is best to use natural bristles
  3. When it comes to combing, for example after washing, it is advisable to follow the alternative criteria when choosing suitable brush. Depending on whether you have straight or curly hair or want more volume or ondularlo elegantly, every need requires a different type of brush.
  4. Detanglers: These brushes look like a friendly plastic hedgehog, but do not be fooled by their appearance, they are very practical. Its bristles are made of soft plastic and soft, perfect for detangling hair, preventing the ends from splitting.