I want to use this day to generate a different space, opinions, in my personal daily style.

400 years ago all the races of the world were found in the lost continent, and miscegenation resulted in an impressive ethnic diversity.

We Americans (yes, the entire continent is America, and therefore all countries in America are Americans) don’t belong to one group or race. Our families have a history that goes back far in Europe, Africa, Asia … and American mixtures were rich and different.

Women are a different and unique world

Today I want to dedicate this post to beautiful women. All as beautiful as different. Why? Well, it’s simple. The worst mistake you can make in stereotyping … say that we are all equal, we think alike, we are hormonal. FALSE.

Within the framework of the thousands of ethnic groups who come behind the story of each woman, it is also a brain and personality. The “inside” that makes us so different that it is perceptible even in the slightest things.

That’s why today I honor those beautiful women, big, little girls, plump, brunette, blonde, Brindle, guaras African descent. You, woman, you’re beautiful by how you are, for your history, your present and your future.

Smile, become worthy, respectful and be respected. LOVE YOURSELF.