There is nothing worse than waking up every morning, go to the bathroom, to see your face in the mirror and find a giant and very painful red pimple. Has it ever happened to you? This is common, and when it happens just resign ourselves to wait for it to disappear.

But the point of this article is not staying down in resignation when you find those huge pimples … But to understand why they appear on your face and how to avoid them as much as possible.

First you must understand that we have sebaceous glands in the skin, that they provide moisture and lubrication to the face, and through which we expel what we feel as “fat”. When there are excess of hormones, body fat or just stress, these glands become clogged causing painful pimples and acne appear.

These are my tips to prevent pimples

1. Don’t touch them with your hands

You’ll want to exploit it, pinching, or simply touch the pimples to “control” and “monitor” their size. Don’t do it! It can be difficult, but remember that pimples and acne lesions are in your body that can leave scars and can become infected. So control your hands and the desire to touch your face and the pimples.

2. Make a vapor mask

Heat is a way to soothe the skin when we feel that pimples are close. You can make steam, or apply warm compresses to the surface of your face to relieve the pores and skin to breathe. That may prevent pimples from coming out.

3. Maybe it’s time to change your skin routine

Adjust your routine as needed. Choose natural cleansers that cleanse your pores, to avoid oily skin. Click here to see my recipe for apple astringent to reduce enlarged pores. 

4. Try a soft makeup

The worst thing you can do when you get pimples is try to hide under tons of makeup. This is counterproductive, as most of the stains contain oils that will worsen the situation of your shin. Give your skin a break when you in difficult situations, and if ultimately need to use a little makeup, try mineral makeup, rather than oily products.