Traveling with pets is becoming a trend. Travelers all the all ages are turning their pets into travel buddies. Various photos and even videos on Instagram and other social platforms are enough to tell you that the trend is taking over. Cats are cute, and they can make the best travel companion.

You will never feel lonely when traveling with your pet. They are the playful nature of the kitties can light up your moods. However, you need to be careful when going with your feline. You need to put measures that will safeguard your cat’s health and safety. Here are tips for traveling with a cat.

1. Acclimate Your Cats to the Surroundings

There are lots of changes that come with traveling. Your cat may not take those changes lightly. While it is used to roam freely, you will be forced to lock it up in the carrier. Most cats don’t like being put in a carrier. They can overreact by being aggressive or violent.

A few days before the travel date, try to make your cat acclimate with the carrier. Put the cat’s favorite food in the carrier. The pet will start associating the carrier with something useful and won’t offer any resistance on the final day of travel. Do not keep the carrier in a hidden section. Instead, put it in an open space where they stay calmly.

2. Be Careful of the Drugs or Visit a Vet

Most pet owners like drugging their pets before traveling. They do this with the aiming of calming down their pets. Although some drugs can help a cat to be stress-free. Others are extremely dangerous to the cat’s health. They may have severe side effects. The type of drug that you use depends on the means of travel whether it is on air or by land.

Before you even consider getting some sedatives or histamines, you should get a vet’s advice (1). All the health concerns regarding the pet will be addressed. You will also be advised on the best drugs that you should give the pet before traveling.

Instead of commercial drugs, try to use natural pet stress relievers (2). Different organic sprays are extracted from plants. They have been discovered to be capable of reducing stress levels in felines. You only need to spray the product in the carrier.

3. Be a Smart Feeder

Cats like to stick to their regular feeding schedule. Traveling with one means that you are likely to interrupt this program and introduce a new one. Feed your cat before getting on the flight. If feeding will prove to be a challenge, make it a point to get an automatic cat feeder.

It will help to feed your feline without much struggle automatically. Carry adequate cat food, like Whole Earth Farms cat food, for example, that will last throughout the journey. A well-fed feline will stay healthy and energetic during the trip. This is not the time to introduce a new variety of food to your pet.

4. Prepare Documents

Ensure that you comply with all the laws regarding traveling with animals from one state to another. Ensure that you get a health certificate that is signed by an accredited veterinarian. This is a significant requirement for cats that are traveling by air.

If you are planning to travel from one country to another, brace yourself for more laws. Each country has its rules regarding the movement of animals. Do thorough research about the countries that you intend to visit and ensure that you comply with their laws. The point here is to get all the relevant documents in time and avoid the last-minute rush.

5. Create a Final Checklist

Create a comprehensive checklist that will ensure you and your cat are comfortable when traveling. The list will guide you on things to carry and things that you should do before traveling.

Some of the essential items that should be on your checklist include a cat carrier, automatic cat feeder, cat food, food and water bowls, disposable litter trays, bedding, and toys.

Whether it is by road or on, traveling with cats calls for adequate preparations. The five tips in this post can help you and your cat to get the best out of your trip. You should also be flexible enough and open to any changes that can occur during the trip.

Chicanol Collaboration by Ruby Smith

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