When I was not so green, or didnt know how to have an Eco House, I used to clean my microwave with any product on the market. One day I got to think that everything that we  clean our microwave with in one way or another goes into our body, besides using waves that are not healthy for us, is a small box to which have odors and other substances attached.

How to clean it and not do harm to our body? I’ll give you green or eco tricks safe for this.

Fill half a glass or jar with water and squeeze ½ lemon cut, shell and all cook at full power this water for 2 or 3 minutes … or more if very dirty.
This water vapor permeates into the unit and softens everything was stuck. Spend nowcompletely drained sponge and dry.

If you want to change the flavor, instead of boiling the piece of lemon, bay leaves, vinegar, apple cider covered with water.

Use hot soapy water, the ideal is to review with a damp cloth each time you use.

Use vinegar, the first step is to make half a cup of white vinegar and place it inside until it begins to boil. Then leaves the cup about half horita enclosed so that the walls are soaked with steam. The third and final step is to remove the cup and clean the oven with a soft.

Make a mixture of baking soda with hydrogen peroxide. Microwaves that are white arelike new.