At first sight one may think, why not? Since almond milk is completely natural, you can do it yourself and it provides proteins, calcium, vitamins, and essential minerals.

The benefits you can get from drinking it are undeniable, everybody know that! But unfortunately drinking it might unleash some inconveniences you won’t want to have.

Let’s start by making it clear that the almond milk comes bottled, contains a lot of sugar to make it sweeter, this makes it lose its natural benefits, so the more natural the better.

On the other hand, almonds are goitrogens, what does this mean, and how can it affect you? The natural constitution of almonds and other foods (soy, linen, and broccoli) is composed by chemical products that – even they strengthen the immune system – cause the thyroid expansion creating goiters that block iodo absorption, breaking thyroid function if consumed in big quantities.

This is why people with low thyroid function are denied the consumption of almond milk. Nevertheless people with normal thyroid function are recommended a moderate consumption of almond milk.

With this I don’t mean you to stop drinking it, it is still an option for people who are lactose intolerant. It is nutritive, low in calories, improves cardiovascular conditions, helps with gastrointestinal problems, improves skin appearance, hair  and nails; but “too good to be true”.

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