When there is a cold-weather we start to experience the horror of humidity in our closets and we become slaves to doing the laundry because everything starts getting that disgusting smell and there is the risk of mold appearing everywhere. Fight humidity back with these natural tips.

Dehumidifiers are excellent but they consume an important amount of electric power and there are some that are smart, that go on and off at the right time, but it will be terribly expensive to up one in each closet.


That is why I want to tell you some of the elements that you should change to reduce the risks caused by humidity:

  • Let the cloth dry completely before putting it in the closet.
  • Don’t overload the closet, make sure there is space between the cloth so air can flow.
  • Open the closet doors whenever you don’t have visitors.
  • Make doors and shelves lighter, by this I mean, it is better to use lighter materials.
  • Store some objects in shoes or plastic boxes.
  • Don’t let anything touch the floor directly so mold cannot grow.
  • Lit a lamp eventually on the floor so heat can purify and counter rest humidity.
  • Put ½ cup of coffee grains in a bowl and put it in the closet.
  • Make little air purifying bags with marine salt and any essence you like in a piece of cloth so the essence can permeate it.