It has always been said that the way we sleep can say a lot about our bodies, actually traditional oriental medicine recommend to rest and sleep on our left side to improve our health, but is this true? and what benefits could we get from it?

The thoracic duct is on the left side of our body, it drains most of the lymph, heart, aorta, spleen, stomach and pancreas.

Resting on this side can bring benefits like:

  • Decongest the  lymphatic system so it purifies blood and liver, transporting protein and glucose.
  • Gravity allows the body waste go directly to our large intestine (right side) making easier its way out.
  • Heart is making an effort because the lymph drains it naturally, it allows the descendant blood pumping towards the aorta and frees the reception of the  vena cava, that in this position is oppressed by the intestines.
  • Laying on the side in which the spleen receives, purifies and sends the lymph and blood draining all the body cells without effort.
  • Digestion is easier and faster.

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Now that you know this… Would you sleep on your left side voluntarily? What is your favorite sleep position?