Today crazy hairstyles and dyes are completely in. Curlers, large amounts of hairspray, straightening products, chemicals, and more, are causing hair loss

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To have thick hair, we need some genetic and ultimately extra care with our hair. Has it ever happened to you that when you brush your hair you notice large amount or hair loss? If that’s your case, you may want to take a look at some mistakes you need to avoid to prevent hair loss.

1. You have too long hair

When you have fine hair long length, most likely to fall under the weight. Test haircuts medium length that can give volume and you do not jalen hair root

2. You’re using the  wrong hair brushes.

To have a good hair you need to take care of him with the best tools. Plans and wire brushes don’t give much stress to the hair when you work, as well as brushes with bristles or mixed fluffed round bristles. The idea is to generate tension to grip the hair volume.

3. You are using very tight hairstyles

High tails, buns, braids too tight… All this stretches your hair back to the point where a break occurs in the hair follicle of our scalp, causing hair to fall out.

4. The tools you’re using to mold and smooth it, are too hot

Although you can help give volume, irons and ruleras too hot can damage your hair. The fact that a tool can rise to over 400 degrees Celsius, does not imply that you must use the highest setting. It’s recommended to use a hair protector for heat..