A failure in our circulatory system can make a big difference; while arteries and veins allow the flow of pure blood with toxins , our heart makes an overwhelming effort to clean it so it can continue carrying nutrients and minerals; that’s why a good blood circulation is necessary.

And so I remind you, my dear readers, that beauty and health must be in and outside because we depend on the functioning of each part of the body.

Even if you have a balanced diet, you may not have a good blood circulation. This affects even the brightness of your hair and might make you suffer heart attacks. Some factors that affect circulation are: intake of fat foods (they increase cholesterol and make it difficult for blood to have a free flow), and sedentarism.

Now you understand why walking 30 minutes every day can save your life?

Well then, maybe you don’t know if you have a good or a bad blood circulation; or maybe you do know. It is never a bad idea to try doing a  natural treatment for a couple of weeks: in the mornings, take a mix of orange juice, 2 garlic cloves and a piece of ginger.