Many of us have been nagged for getting too close to television while watching our childhood cartoons. Is it dangerous to watch television so closely? There are several myths that come from that belief, and we’re going to talk about them today.

It is quite common to listen that people who watch television so close are exposed to negative radiation, suffer from myopia, insomnia, epilepsy… but is it true?

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As mom believed, TV does have negative effects when you watch it closely, and these are two good reasons not to do it ever again:

  • Causes myopia: It has been proved! Watching for hours so closely produces a transitory myopia which weakens our eyes. So I recommend you to take breaks from your TV, cellphone, laptop or tabletpor lo que te recomiendo tomar descansos de tu televisor, celular, laptop o Tablet.
  • Causes epilepsy: This is true, though not at an alarming rate. TVs are lit in a frequency of 50Hz. Therefore, watching television so closely, with the lights off, increases the risk of suffering an epileptic attack on people with natural predisposition for this syndrome.

Even so… Who would want to watch TV that closely? You miss a great part of the picture, your eyes hurt and you get tired more easily. Better safe, than sorry.