Causes and Natural Cures for ConstipationA diet you can follow for constipation
Breakfast and lunch:

Almond milk, tea or coffee infusion. Sugar. Bread. Margarine. Fruits: apples, pears, bananas, natural fruit juice.

Main meals:

Broths and soups of vegetables or meat, not fat.
Pasta, cooked or baked potatoes. Rice.
Lean meats (beef, chicken, turkey, pork, lamb) cooked, baked or grilled. No fries.
Fish of all types, not fried.
All vegetables except those listed above.
Lettuce, endive, tomato.
Fruits: apple, pear, banana. Baked apples. Jelly.
whole wheat bread


Oil (olive, sunflower, corn), two tablespoons a day.
Drinks: plain water or fruit juices.
You can season with salt, but is not indicated for other diseases (hypertension).