Sometimes we don’t think and are in such a hurry that do everything fast. If you have children, live in family or single, the precautions are the same!

  1. If you’re wet, you should never touch an electrical product, as you can electrocute.
  2. Hair dryers, curling irons and radio, they should be used outside the bathroom.
  3. Before entering the shower or tub, it is very important to check the water temperature withyour hand, to avoid burning.
  4. Prevent that children leave a brother or sister alone in the bathtub. So, teach them not to return to the bedroom to find a toy or answer the phone or doorbell, because young children can drown very quickly and in very little water.
  5. Dangerous things like knives, scissors, matches, lighters, etc.., Should not be handled by children, since someone can get hurt.
  6. Beware of scented candles in the bathrooms. Teach children not to take the bottles containing the sign of poison, as they can get sick or worse.
  7. When you are bathing, is very important to leave the door or window half  open  to avoid suffocating.
  8. Do not let children run with wet feet because they can slip and injure themselves.
  9. Make sure children do not play with remedies, or leave them within reach of younger siblings, as they can be poisoned.
  10. Beware of sprays smell in the bathroom. Inhale is dangerous and harmful to your health.