A woman who wears the pants in the house likes to be waken up with a breakfast!

Today I want to give you some ideas to enjoy a delicious breakfast.

These ideas are for me… Yes! for men.  After all, it is only fair that women don´t pick up even a dish for the day you indulge her with a delicious breakfast that will result in something exquisite for both of you.

Creative breakfast for every woman

For The Natural Women

For women who like healthy but rich food.

For this breakfast is important to stock up on fresh fruits and nuts.

To drink tea or coffee plus a natural juice, may be the traditional orange or grapefruit juice or you can get creative with pineapple and mint juice or lemonade with ginger and honey. Complement this with slices of bread, multigrain hopefully one can be with avocado, cheese and some jam.


Now the main dish of this breakfast, muesli, porridge prepared from milk and, more grains, nuts and fruits (as you want) or a bowl of plain yogurt with granola and fruit snacks, a good option is to contrast between a more acidic, like strawberries, berries or pineapple and another sweet like banana. The special touch you give it with sliced ​​almonds and adding orange juice with honey. You can also add a cake or blueberry muffin or carrot with poppies.

For The Super Chic Women: Brunch

If your wife loves to sleep late and long breakfast, the ideal is to prepare a brunch-mix between breakfast and lunch. Not forgetting the coffee or tea, fruit juice, here’s permission to get a drink. I recommend preparing foaming based cocktails ideal for snacks like mimosa, orange juice and sparkling, or bellini, foaming and peach juice or peach.

In a brunch eggs are a must, you can do as you want, to cup, poached, Benedict, scrambled eggs with bacon or even salmon. Accompany a rich bread, can be field or some spicy black (olive or walnut, for example). Here the fillings can be varied, from ricotta, smoked salmon and a touch of chives or arugula or a variety of hams and cheeses.

If you can’t miss the hint of sweetness, a honey-soaked pancakes palm and berries, or fruit cake are good. If you want something fresh, a fruit salad of the season.