What is rebounding? Have you heard about this new and great exercise? It’s called Rebounding, and if you like different classes, with adrenaline, good music and lots of fun, then this is the perfect exercise for you.

There are many who are bored of always doing the same basic exercises in a gym or at home: walking, jogging, cycling, weightlifting … It sounds repetitive, doesn’t it? Well if you are that you like to innovate, the Rebounding is an excellent choice. And exercise is just back to our childhood where we loved to jump and jump for hours, only because we could do it.

They say the key to staying young is in the mind, and our body obeys the orders that if we can. To stay young you just need to give your adrenaline body, and say “you’re strong, you’re agile and functionally younger” and that can only be achieved through exercise.

What is Rebounding? An exercise you should try

What is rebounding? They are classes guided by a trainer, where everyone has an individual trampoline to exercise guidance. This fun exercise makes you jump and push the trampoline, burning calories, moving your cardiovascular system and giving you a host of healthy benefits. You can practice all over the world, from the house to coaches in guided sessions. It is even an exercise to do everyday!

Benefits of doing Rebounding

  1. You’re doing full cardio
  2. Burn a lot of calories: a class of 55 minutes can burn up to 600 calories. WOW!
  3. Improves cellulite and body swelling: it is an aerobic exercise that helps to purify the body, and drain our lymphatic system. We cast out many toxins with this fantastic exercise.
  4. Tones legs and buttocks: It also helps you tone the abdomen, generate more resistance, ease your elasticity and more.

What are you waiting for to try this excellent comprehensive, dynamic and fun alternative?