If it is to lose weight, maintain or improve our figure, there is no doubt that the best combination is diet and exercise. And it’s as simple as that, neither can be completely alone, or it fails without the other. To lose a few extra pounds without starving yourself and see the results, certainly you must combine diet with exercise.

And the reason is simple and quite logical. Overweight is caused by the imbalance between food intake and caloric expenditure, the less we spend, the more we save. We do not burn the fat accumulates in our body, and from that comes the excess weight. There are only two options: spend more, or have less incomes. Simple right?

To spend more, we should increase the energy demand of our body, which through physical activity is achieved. But it is not simple to make it just by exercising, or neither it is only with diet. Is not worth killing us in the gym, and throw our bodies disproportionately, while eating as lunatics.

What is the solution?

Is easy. Combine the two measures with responsability. Some say that the perfect equation is 70% – 30%. 70% of income derived from your diet which should be balanced, rich in nutrients and low in calories. And the other 30% depends on exercise and cardiovascular activities you do to burn calories and fat, tone and strengthen your muscles.

If you want to lose those extra pounds, taking into account the following:

– Do not agree in a very restrictive diet, as this will cause us fatigue, muscle fatigue, cramps and even dizziness.

– Protein diets, which reduce or completely prohibit carbohydrates, are not recommended if you practice exercise, because carbohydrates are needed as fuel and without them we will fail.

– To lose those extra pounds, it is best to do some aerobic sports, and combine at least a couple of times a week with any other toning activity.