Who wouldn’t like to have a harmonious intimate life? I’m no expert on the subject but a healthy life always leads to great sex. Searching for expert opinions, I found these tips and I added my own annotation next to them to my style, and since we’re finishing this year, let’s do it the best way.

I would love you to give me your opinion.

5 Ways to improve your intimate life this new year

1. “Have sex at least once a day”

I mean, I say who has time for this? In a monologue I did from the playwright Indira Paez, my character repeated the following:

“At my age sex is like cilantro, Good YES… but not SO MUCH ” … But if you want to spice up your intimate life, why not going straight to what it is.

2. “Dont let sex for late at night when fatigue and sleep can lead to off sex drive”

I’m not a “morning person”
I like sex at night and late. So if you’re and early bird, I congratulate you. I can’t just wake up to it. Adapt your sexual life to who you really are.

3. “Start the day about 20 minutes before to have that time for kisses, hugs, caresses and if possible, something else”

WHAT? I don’t need “foreplay”, I mean, not always. Romanticism is nice when you have time. But if I get caught on the moment, I just take off my clothes and do it, for me is enough. I don’t understand why women have been taught this thing to prepare everything in advance. FREE YOURSELF. You are master of your body. Start a 2016 knowing your body.

4. “If you are tired and tense, remember that sex is an excellent relaxing”

If someone tells me that it relaxes me, it’s like sleeping. Sex should be relaxing but… afterwards.

5. “At least once a week, take time to enjoy with your partner in any recreational activity for adults (movies, theater, dance, etc.)”

I’m bothered by these “Book Tips”. Everyone knows their partner and what he/she likes. Knowing yourself you will go through life with your truth. You’ll be happier, have a fulfilling sex life. If you are a mother remind yourself of what you liked to do when you were single and used to hide behind a wall to kiss, to enjoy your sexuality. Not because you have children it means you’re now immaculate. Get the complex out, you’re perfect, a goddess and the universe gave you the power to be a mother and especially a superwoman.