For a woman, taking care of their appearance is as essential as well as her health. Believe it or not the physical and mental state of women is deeply linked to both internal and external functioning of our body, so to look good, is a priority to be healthy so it is good to have healthy beauty habits.

So, take advantage that the year is just starting and get some beauty habits like the ones I’ll show you next. Becoming aware of your body will make you feel better about yourself to say that you will benefit deeply with visible changes. NOTE: These are beauty habits you must develop before your 30s.

Beauty habits you must create the new year

Exfoliate your skin

Why? This removes dead skin cells and causes them to constantly renew. Exfoliate your skin once a week will make you look younger and elastic. One of the great beauty habits.

Use moisturizers

Why? To keep your skin looking good should use moisturizers that give elasticity to your skin. During the day we are exposed to many harsh, which tend to abuse our skin and aging, day moisturizers help maintain healthy, soft and hydrated, providing a protective barrier while repairing night and intensively nourishes the skin, preventing premature aging of the skin.

Put sunscreen

Why? It doesn’t matter if you’re not on the beach, it is important to use sunscreen daily, even if with a minimum of 30 protection. The good news is that there are makeups that already include sunscreen in their formulas. Keep that in mind!

Get a manicure and pedicure

Why? It’s part of your bi-weekly routine. Your hands and feet 100% of you speak, your personal consciousness, and your positive projection. Never let your nails peel, are soiled or torn.

Before bedtime, use makeup remover

Why? Sleeping with your makeup is the worst thing you can do as cover your pores, irritate the face causes acne and you’ll spot the face. Before bedtime remove all makeup wipes Cleansing creams or cleansers.Your face will thank you!