So it begin the first of many Mondays of 2016, and is a perfect day to start the detox diets and healthy eating plans to remove toxins and excess we eat in the month of December. The proposal of this new year is to do all your Mondays a day of detox, and the best is that there are many ways to do it! Make it a goal, here I’ll tell you how to make it happen.

The good thing considering a day like Monday for your detox day is to have a day to purify your body and eliminate accumulated toxins, making your style more healthy life – which should keep a habit. Detox are excellent to put your body in balance and the release of these toxins will help eliminate headaches, fatigue, lack of energy and low defenses.

Make all your Mondays of 2016 a detox day

There are 3 ways to detox

  • Through diet and smoothies
  • With skin creams
  • Mental

10 reasons to detox on Mondays:

  • Because it is of the best things you can do for your health without great effort.
  • You because you feel better in every way: your skin, your humor, your hair shine…
  • Because you will improve your immune system.
  • Because they can improve and greatly reduce the chances of having heart problems, asthma, liver, gallbladder, respiratory, allergic,
  • Because you will feel more alert, more focused and more energized.
  • Because your body deserves to take care and “clean” of toxins, like we wash our hair and our skin.
  • Because your health will thank you