Facial Lymphatic DrainageOxygenated blood flows from the heart to the tissues through the arteries and there are two return systems: the venous and lymphatic. The lymphatic system consists of a number of organs (spleen, thymus, bone marrow, tonsils, etc..) And a system of vessels or lymphatic channels.

I loved the easy lymphatic draining because it feels like if someone is giving you a massage to remove wrinkles. Seriously, it’s super beneficial and besides is something cosmetic it is really good for you.


  1.  Facial Lymphatic Drainage is a manual therapy technique using facial massages in different directions, activates the lymphatic system which is responsible for collecting the adipose macromolecules accumulated in the tissue, to be carried by blood to their elimination by natural means.
  2.  It’s a very good therapy to improve eye bags, dark circles and reduce face’s edema either by fatigue or post-operative reaction. It is ideal to remove the fatigue of our face, managing to be fresh and renewed.
  3.  This technique can be applied when you make a facial. Ask to the person in charge if she/he knows the technique.