Drinking Iced Tea Raises Kidney Stone Risk: Study

Drinking iced tea increases risk of kidney stonesPeople who drink iced tea may be putting themselves at greater risk for developing painful kidney stones, a new study indicates.

Researchers from Loyola University Medical Center explained that the popular summertime drink contains high levels of oxalate, a chemical that leads to the formation of small crystals made of minerals and salt found in urine.

Although these crystals are usually harmless, the researchers cautioned they can grow large enough to become lodged in the small tubes that drain urine from the kidney to the bladder.

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Farmer’s Market Guide: How To Get Fresh & Seasonal Produce

Farmer’s markets are very popular for a good reason: they’re generally the ideal locations to find fresh and seasonal produce. As there are lots of different varieties of items it’s normal if you feel confused about what to buy or how to cook and prepare them.

Health.com headed down to Union Square market in NYC and came up with this video-guide about Farmer’s Markets.

You’ll find out the best ways to cook, prepare, and eat all the gorgeous fruits and vegetables they offer.

So head out to your local farmer’s market and enjoy the best of what summer has to offer!

Remember to always eat well and stay healthy, natural and organic products are the best for you!