Mexican TortillasI’m going to tell you something. My mother, who is born in Mexico from Catalan parents ended up insulted when I took her to the restaurant of Jose Andres. Sorry Jose, I had gone with high expectations, and although the flavors are rich, not what I imagined.

It’s like actors, suddenly you are in love with the character but when tried as a person, you don’t like them.

What happened to me was something like, “Jose Andres don’t let me down with my parents, you are the first boyfriend that I introduce to them.”

Mini tortillas were very delicious but the size of the order to the French style was tasting only. And sorry, my family is not overweighted, but we are of good tusk. (We love to eat)

In the end, no one takes away from the experience of this great chef, but hopefully next time he will serve and not sell me the tortillas, because any Mexican food place that is respected, when you eat a main course, gives you tortillas! (Included in the main dish!)

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