Sinusitis is caused by different reasons: either too much mucus, inflammation or infection of the paranales; and in most cases it’s derived from a cold or some sort of irritation in the nose because of chlorine.

What we can confirm is that it produces an unpleasant pain in the nose and part of the face, apart from blocking the narrow respiratory channels. The bacteria that cause sinusitis generates a discomfort that can reach an extreme headache, and sometimes fever.

Strong winds, prolonged rainfall, radical temperature changes and circumstances like that are conducive to have this kind of problem, fight sinusitis naturally using these two super-ingredients, without resorting to chemicals that often harm the body more.

Fight sinusitis naturally with horseradish and white vinegar


  • Horseradish (Spicy horseradish root)
  • White vinegar

Preparation: Grate horseradish and pour in white vinegar. The measures are completely the eye because vinegar should completely cover the grated radish. Store in a bottle and keep the mixture sealed for 10 days, stirring occasionally.

How to use it:

  1. After 10 days, at least 5 minutes inhaling the smell of the bottle, at least 3 times a day.
  2. You can spread the mixture in a cloth and keep it in your head to eliminate headaches caused by sinusitis

Another simple remedy to fight sinusitis naturally is boiling 50 grams of radish in hot water and inhale the steam for at least 3 minutes.