Wrinkles and fine lines appear to be something “inevitable” as time passes by… But just as we can keep our body active and in good shape through exercise, we can keep our face younger doing facial gymnastics.

The facial skin is extremely delicate and exposed to much movement as the face we have over 43 muscles. Having a younger face and preventing wrinkles is about creating habits and beauty routines, including cleaning, wetting, and of course Exercise! Whatever your goal is, face muscle exercises must be a constant task to maintain firmness and elasticity in the skin, prevent sagging and delay the appearance of fine lines.

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Yet, there are few people who know the benefits of facial gymnastics, and a few really know how to apply the gym to face. But it is very easy to do!

Facial gymnastics is a series of movements in different directions that help maintain the firmness and elasticity of the skin. These “massages” stimulate collagen and elastin of the skin and muscle tissue, which delay aging.

What are the areas of the face that benefit most? Eyelids, eye bags, lines (crow’s feet), and wrinkles at the corners of the mouth.

Get a younger face with facial gymnastics

Let’s do some facial gymnastics! These are the moves you should do depending on the area of your face:

  • For crow’s feet: Close your eyes and raise your eyebrows without opening it. Keep your eyebrows raised for at least 5 seconds. Repeat the process at least 15 times.
  • For drooping eyelids: Amid eyebrows placed the index fingers of your hands, and thumbs at the bottom of the eyes. Move down thumbs and index fingers up. Slippage causes pressure on both points while you close your eyes tightly. Performed for about 30 seconds and rest. Repeated 5 times.
  • For your forehead: Place your fingertips horizontally to the front in the middle. Swipe upward to the hairline. Repeat at least 15 times. Heat is an indicator that you’re doing good exercise.
  • For cheeks: To tone your cheeks, make a wide smile stretching the skin around the lips and keep the smile firmly. In this position, stick out your tongue as much as possible, pointing the tip of the tongue upward. Hold for 10 seconds and repeat the exercise 10 times.