I am really happy to work with our sponsor Orgain protein, today to share this information with you!

Everyone knows I love taking care of my body and my page I want to help you do the same. Our body always deserve the best and I’m always in search of the best products that give me all the energy I need. I take very seriously my protein intake… Seriously. I get picky and you should too!

#GetPickyWithYourProtein means to be demanding and take care of you, do not compromise your nutrition, the quality of what you eat, or taste!

It’s a ready to go shake! When it comes to drinking a post workout shake, I like a product I can add only water , shake it on a mixing bottle and drink it to regain strength to keep going with my busy life. The taste of Orgain  is so delicious and creamy, which I think is very hard to find sometimes. I’m impressed by how clean it is and how good it makes me feel so #GetPickyWithYourProtein.

Also, you can have an extra boost of protein if you add the mix to a pancake mix, flourless brownies or make your own protein bars.

Protein powders of Orgain are the perfect way to consume what your body needs. They are the most nutritious and best quality made of completely organic ingredients.

Chocolate and vanilla flavor, protein powder Orgain are creamy and healthy without neglecting its delicious taste. Best of all: it does not contain sugar!

As for nutrition, protein Orgain has everything you need: 21 grams of protein per serving, only 3 grams of carbohydrates, no added artificial sweeteners or soy.


Orgain take care of your body and therefore the ingredients are of organic origin. Unlike the leading plant-based protein powders, Orgain is USDA Organic, so it’s made without the use of toxic pesticides, hormones or any artificial ingredients. Great taste does not mean you have to compromise on quality and nutrition.

Did I mention that is Gluten-free and dairy free? Yep! Two things that are very important to me .

It also comes with a scoop that helps you quantify the powder.

The quality of ingredients is a priority, so Orgain proteins are the best, take a look!:

Organic Sprouted Brown Rice Protein

   Excellent source of amino acids (complete amino acid profile When combined With pea protein)

   Sprouting Increases nutrient absorption and decreases intestinal distress

   Very high concentration of protein

   Sprouted, USDA organic, non-GMO

Organic Hemp Protein

   Complete the amino acid profile With branch-chain amino Important acids

   High in omega-3

   High in fiber

Organic Pea Protein

   Excellent amino acid profile high in BCAAs

   High in lysine and arginine

   Highly digestible protein source

Organic Chia Seed

   High in omega-3

   High in fiber

Combine your proteins with a balanced diet and if yoy love cooking, Orgain Organic Protein Powder is perfect for your muffins, pancakes, smoothies and protein bars.

I Encourage you to #GetPickyWithYourProtein, you deserve the best!

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