Taking a shower is perhaps the most usual and most necessary habit of our daily routine. Don’t take risks! These are the 4 things you must never do in the shower.

Is it dangerous to take a shower? Maybe we are overreacting, but either way you need to take this into consideration:

  1. Taking a shower without a rubber mat: You could slip! Maybe you have already, but this is the perfect recipe for an accident. It is always better to prevent it with rubber mats.
  2. Don’t overuse the sponge: You can use it to exfoliate and remove the dead skin, but be careful with that. You need to be careful with your sponge! Sponge is the perfect place to grow bacteria. You must change it regularly and wash it with vinegar.
  3. Don’t shower when there is thunderstorm: Unless you want to get electrocuted. When there is thunderstorm, a thunder could hit a pipe and electrocute you, through pipes and wires.
  4. It is a mistake to take a shower before going to bed: Even more if it is difficult for you to fall asleep. The change in temperature turns your metabolism on and it forbids you from sleeping. Take a shower at least 2 hours before going to bed. (Click here if you want  tips to sleep like a baby)

These little tips will get you out of risks. Maybe you have been doing it right all along, if not, now you know there are 4 things you can do to do it right.