Imagine a Sunday afternoon at the beach, with a barbecue, or in a tropical weather and you feel hot, a cold beer wouldn’t hurt anyone, right?

Behind a jar of cold beer lies an industrial revolution that, without stridency, could revolutionize the beer industry. Beer industries all over the world have used from almost two decades, the CO2 that comes out of the fermentation process to use it for other industrial purposes, but this process consumes a huge amount of energy and water.

Union Engineering, a dynamic Danish enterprise, has developed a clever fermentation method that is more eco friendly which they have called ECO2Brew. The initiative is based on advanced green technology to recover CO2 and I was carried on with the financing of European funds FICOB (Full-scale implementation of innovative CO2 recovery plant for use in breweries).

It uses up less energy which increases the efficiency of their systems, they don’t use water, so they save up to 4600m3/year of drinking water in the process and the cooling, basically more for less.

Let’s hope that the whole beer industry stick to this project and in this way, even if we don’t think too much about it, we start taking care of the planet.