To give, 

  1. To make a present of: We gave her flowers for her birthday.
  2. To place in the hands of; pass: Give me the scissors.
  3. Allow to have something, grant:Give the benefit of the doubt.

St. Judes Children's Research Hospital - Give is something naturalI begin this post by giving the definition of the word GIVE because i think if we understand the etymology of words and we apply what they mean, our lives would be very easy. I think human beings are born well and we are clouding as we grow and since life is not easy, we’re shadowing.

What if i tell you that the simple act of giving, you can shine again?

Get back to connect with your soul?

The action of giving is related intimately with Love. We all give from love, not resentment and selfishness; it is love that moves us.  You will say; Why do i get from Laura this sermmon? I can testify, as i explained in the video, what i experienced in my life, GIVING.

I want you to know also the benefits it has to give with love in your HEATLH.

Give is something natural and you can make a difference in the world

1. Influences on rapid recovery: sick people who have someone to love them and watch for them, have a faster recovery than patients who have no affection for anyone.

 2. Improved quality of life: we are more likely to become ill and depressed when we have problems and we are alone. Feel loved and give love makes problems feel lighter with the support of others.

 3. Energy and Stress: According to experts, the emotional well it feels like to be able to give love and helping others makes people feel more energy and combat stress.

4. A feeling of great comfort: From the endocrinological point of view, love brings change for the better and give love brings great feeling of wellbeing.

5. Love rejuvenates: hormones, nervous system and skin, forming a narrow triangle, so the segregation of estrogen in women improves hair, nails, skin. And when we give, love is part of the process.