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A callus is an area of ​​thick, hardened skin. Calluses are formed at points where there is a repeated or prolonged friction, for example, if you spend hours sweeping the garden.

The skin hardens from the pressure over time and eventually thickens, forming a surface layer to the hard, rough, yellow or gray tending to may feel bumpy.

Home Remedies to Remove Calluses

1. Prepare a poultice of garlic and tomato and apply on the callus securely fastened.

2 . Take a clove of garlic, crush with a spoon and take a portion covering the callus. You need to secure it with tape and  leave it for two or three days. Then remove and re-do the operation until the callus falls.

3. Apply one or two drops of iodine on the callus every day at the moment to get out of bed or lying down.

4. Apply daily Formalin on the callus, either drops or with a brush. This treatment is very effective as it dries.

5. Allow fermentation or maceration climbing ivy leaves in vinegar, then applied and covered with cotton cloth.

6. Apply every night a bit of baking soda dissolved in a small amount of rubbing alcohol.

7. Breaking a tablet of aspirin, soak it with some alcohol, then applied to the callus and ajust it with tape. After three days, remove it and wash callus.

8. Crush a garlic, mix it with blue laundry soap and make a paste which is then applied to the callus for 5 days securing with tape. Then remove. If the callus does not fall go ahead and  repeat the operation

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