I publicly confess my love for potatoes, I would take them to the end of the world … and space! Potatoes were the first food grown outside the Earth. This privilege it could not be any plant, if not one whose health benefits are special enough to send them into space.

Potatoes are good for alleviating gastritis. The best way to use it is in juices. Some people like to take it cool and let others prefer to stand overnight before eating. Drink half a cup of juice three times a day, half an hour before each meal. It can also be taken on an empty stomach. It’s recommended to dilute it in water or combined with carrot juice because the taste is not very nice.

Here is the recipe for potato juice to relieve gastritis.


  • Potatoes (preferably red potatoes)


You should wash the potatoes (must be ripe) and remove all the black spots they have because they can have toxic substances. Then, to get the juice an extractor is used. Place a piece of clean cheesecloth in a bowl, grate the potatoes on the cheesecloth, wrap, and squeezed on a vessel so that the juice fall into the glass.

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