Ok Folks, today I will talk about one of my passions, bags, I say one because my other passion is shoes, but later that we will work exclusively.

This year trends in portfolios are varied but have a common denominator, are a form of strong character, and refer in some way to vintage, to what used our mothers and grandmothers in the 50’s and 60’s, but well adapted to the current needs.

Let’s start with the portfolios of straw to the beach, as we near summer, have a rich tactile and visual texture and look very luxurious and chic as it is used depending on the material, for example, a single large portfolio without many ornaments, such as models ofBalenciaga, where bands of colors are used.

Estas carteras van perfectas para el día de club o playa  y son versátiles como para ser usadas con un par de jeans o un lindo vestido de algodón.

Accompany these portfolios with matching shoes and never severely strained, because they are already the focus of attention.

The other major trend that is here to stay is the black bag in some variations, but always very rigorous, large and elegant. We will find large, polished leather, shaped like adoctor’s bag, or a bowling bag, if you’re watching Mad Men, Betty Draper and sure could have used Megan some of these portfolios, they go well with dresses to Doris Day, orpencil skirts and pumps stilletto black strappy sandals or black leather, these wallets in their severity are sexy and sophisticated, ranging from an Executive Housekeeper with awave and security in itself, so may notice in the models of Lanvin, Marc Jacobs, Chloéand image.

Finally we have for the younger or more fun with graphic design portfolios in the form andwith a great sense of humor, such as portfolio-chamber Proenza Schuler, of courseinstead of a camera, inside the they will find is space for everything you need to take with you.

I hope you carry with pride a model inspired by these I presented to you today, and that your bags are full of great prosperity!

This entry is a collaboration of:

Begonia López.

Graphic Designer, Motion Graphic Art Director, Photographer and Fashionista!

Studied Graphic Design in Valencia, Venezuela and Buenos Aires, Argentina, Photography, Script Writing and Film Critique in Buenos AIres, Argentina. Worked in Buenos Aires, Houston, Miami and NYC.

One of her first tantrums, aged 5, was about wearing a flower dress or an velvet longer dress with patent leather boots, she wanted the boot combination, her mom, the flower dress…