Woman or female animal has given birth to a son.

Surrogate mother – Woman who conceives a child for someone who can not conceive.

Family mother – Woman who cares for their children and housework.}

Breastfeeding mother – Women who breastfeed to one or more children without their own. nurse.

Much more than a definition, a feeling.

Who does not love his or her mother?

And if you’re mom and feel tired I tought on various natural masks you can do alone or you can give them to your mother in a glass container. This week is dedicated to you!

  1. Egg and almond oil Mask: This mask will help you to give a touch of brightness to the skin. Use a glass bowl or container for mixing an egg with a tablespoon of almond oil. Apply with fingers or a cotton ball.
    Leave on for 15 minutes for the pores to absorb nutrients and then rinse the mask withcool water. Repeat this treatment twice a week for a brighter complexion.
  2.  Parsley and Cucumber Mask: This mask will bring a touch of vitamins in your skininstantly. Prepared in a blender one tablespoon fresh parsley, two slices of cucumberand a spoonful of plain yogurt without sugar. Use a brush to apply the paste on the faceand neck. Let the mask sit for 15 minutes and then removed with warm water.
  3. Milk and cinnamon Tonic: To prepare this lotion you need to mix in a bowl with a tablespoon of milk half teaspoon of cinnamon, two of honey and vanilla essence. This tonic home will serve to remove dirt and cosmetics from your face. Apply for 15 minutes and then removed with cold water.