If I had to list the biggest pleasures in life, my first one would be sleeping. Sleeping, is not only healthy but also completely recovering… And waking up seems like a torture!

Let’s assume that you have had a good night’s rest, more than the recommended 7 hours, waking up shouldn’t be a problem. But it isn’t always like this, no matter how much time you have slept we have a hard time waking up, besides we feel terrible when we need to abandon our bed and pillows.

Why does this happen? You are surely not having a good night’s rest, right? These are some of the possible reasons why waking up in the morning are a torture.

  • You go to bed with your cell phone or your laptop: these electronic devices cast a blue light that eliminates melatonin , the hormone that brings about and controls the sleeping cycles. If you are one of those who go to bed texting, watching videos or checking instagram you should better stop.
  • You have sleep apnea: You stop breathing for a few seconds when sleeping can constantly interrupt your sleep time and it obviously doesn’t let you get to into a deep sleep.
  • Your pillow isn’t a proper one: If it doesn’t support your neck and your head in a balanced way or is too high or too hard, it is probable that you will wake up with neck pain.
  • You sleep in an uncomfortable position: Even though you might find it comfortable, it might not be the most appropriate position for your health. Experts recommend  that one sleep on our left side, with a pillow between the legs to balance the hip. If not you might wake up with cramps in your back, stomachache among other things.
  • You drink alcohol before going to bed: Though alcohol sometimes gets you sleepy, it could affect it too when it is absorbed during the body’s resting phase.

Don’t worry… Waking up might still be a torture! But the good side is that you won’t be feeling physically bad once you have corrected this little mistakes. So when you wake up will feel fresh, renewed and full of energy.

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