Human body is technological perfection and the immune system is the best antivirus, it registers and records everythings that attacks it so it can fight back and deny the virus, parasites, fungus and bacteria survival.

If you want to have good health this must be priority number one: increase your defenses to reinforce your capability to fight back intruders, same as we do at home to feel at ease and safe.

But what is the cause of our system’s weakening? The main cause is the nutrient deficiency, which means, a bad feeding habit and we do already know this is the most reincident aspect in our lives! That is why I always make emphasis in consuming organic and balanced food.

Other causes, are the diseases like intestinal inflammation, cancer, HIV/AIDS, surgical interventions and negative emotional states, the last ones are the sparkle that lights the fire, so living well and happily is a synonym of good health.

If you have decided to improve your life quality and strengthen your defenses, you have to try these natural remedies:

  • Blend 2 washed and peeled kiwis, an orange’s juice, a lemon’s juice, a spoon of pollen and honey, drink it immediately. You can take it in days when you feel like you are going to catch a cold.
  • Prepare a green tea infusion with 2 centimeters of peeled ginger root, when it is at the right temperature, add tangerine juice and honey.
  • Prepare a salad with  lentil, beet, radish, onion, lemon vinaigrette, olive oil, garlic and salt.