To have more toned legs and buttocks you only need to do these two things: a low-fat diet and an exercise routine to tone the area. Have you heard about exercises made with a resistance band?

Achieving visible results depends completely on your constancy and obviously on your low-fat diet full of proteins, minerals, fiber, and vitamins. If you combine it all, you’ll have the perfect match.

The zone per se involves a challenge! Buttocks and legs are where the fat tends to concentrate, that’s why the results can’t be seen immediately. Patience! With effort and dedication, you are going to make it!

Do it at home

All you need is a resistance band and the place to use it. It could be in your living room, the garden, your room, or wherever you want. You just need to have enough space to stretch and work out without hitting any piece of furniture.

Follow this routine where you will combine cardio with toning using the resistance band.

  1. Over a mat, lay down face up with your knees semiflexed. Put the band over your pelvis and try to press it with your hands. Raise your pelvis slowly, use your shoulders to provide support and keep your back high. 4 series, 15 repetitions.
  2. In all fours, tie your heel to the band and hold it with your hand supporting. Stretch your leg back against the band’s resistance. 4 series each leg, 15 repetitions.
  3. Stand up with your feet separated shoulder distance. Tread on the band in the middle and pick it up with your hands. Do a squat lowering your hip and feeling the resistance when you go up with your back straight. 5 series, 15 repetitions.
  4. Sit and tie your thighs with the band. The idea is that you open your thighs and separate them as much as possible before returning to the original position. 3 series, 15 repetitions.